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drank Jasmine Tea by Naveya
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This tea hit the spot. Sweet jasmine floral green tea. Not overdone. Just simple. The jasmine sweetened the tea nicely with a floral background finish and the green tea was there but subtle.

What bothered me was when I first checked this tea company out, the company had a beautiful lovely website (tho confusing). Now the website has been completely revamped and turned into a weight loss fitness tea site. Not sure how I feel about that. Anyway, the tea itself was good.

I know this isn’t tea related- but the school year is upon us which means teachers will be digging into their own pockets for supplies. I noticed the other day that reddit is doing a Teacher Exchange where you send whatever you can in the way of school supplies to a teacher who may need them. Maybe take a moment and check it out? Its in the Geek portion of the post below.

Happy Monday all!


I know that tea does have SOME benefits, but some companies really overplay it, which I don’t like either. You can drink all of the tea you want but if you are still eating at McDonald’s everyday it won’t help you lose weight :/


Exactly! I’m just not a fan of tea companies saying this tea will make you burn fat! Yeah, it might but if you are shoving a dozen oreos in your mouth at the same time, well. . . .


Haha exactly!

Or if you drink 8 cups of tea with plenty of cream and sugar, dunno how much it’ll help you…

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