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Guardian Brew is the first tea I’ve tried from Natural Warrior Tea (and also the first review on Steepster – woohoo!). I didn’t know what to expect at first, being new to trying tea from this company, but I knew there was only one way to really find out – by brewing a cup of tea of course!

The aroma had a familiar smell that a lot of green teas have. Leafy and earthy.

I figured if the leaves smelled this way than chances are it may have a similar earthy, leafy taste to it as well.


Quite the opposite in fact. It was a nice surprise to find out that it had a smooth and slightly sweet taste. It did have a small earthy aftertaste, but it was not the dominating flavor.

It was a subtle tea and had a bit of sweetness that you tend to find naturally in some teas. One of the thoughts that came to mind was that this would be a good green tea for those who don’t like “green tea”. I can see why many would be turned off by the taste, but Guardian Brew definitely seemed to be more subtle in flavor. I felt like it struck a nice balance while also having a smooth and refreshing taste.

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