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drank Cidron-Berry by My Tea Shelf
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This didn’t smell or taste like anything. This won’t be much of a review because there isn’t much to say…

I honestly, didn’t taste any of the ingredients in this tea…maybe a lemon-likeness but ever so slight. It was like water with very very little lemon juice added…and then watered down again…sigh…

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Not sure about this one…it actually smells like bacon and a hint of lemongrass. eeeek. It’s very light in color and in taste. Thankfully it doesn’t taste like bacon. I know some of you like that sort of thing tho…sorry…not for me. It tastes like lightly flavored cherry water.


Bacon and lemongrass? LOL, that’s random! XD


LOL…That’s me…I’m random! LOL

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drank Andes Breeze by My Tea Shelf
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This is the very first time I have tried anything from this company…so I am really excited!!!! Not sure about the “bags” tho…in the future might cut the bag open and infuse normally.
Regardless…here is the ‘bagged’ attempt…
Smells minty and chamomile-E.
Very light in color.
it’s a little chamomile, a little spicy, a little floral, a little sweet, and minty. The raisins intrigued me but can’t taste them. From a distance I can smell them a little tho.

Interesting. Would try again.

200 °F / 93 °C 6 min, 0 sec

The more it sits…it starting to taste more tropical…

Madison Bartholemew

I was wondering how rasiny there tea would be

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