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Murphy’s appears to be a casualty of the “just plain black tea” market and I’m disappointed: this has been my no-fuss, no-frills, beefy, unleaded morning grocery store brew for several years now. Just a hair Assam-ier than PG Tips; best with milk, easily drinkable without. Rationing carefully, I may have just enough left to make it through the winter.

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Just after I got fond of this as an open-yer-eyes, boot-your-sagging-carcass out the door morning tea, it disappeared locally. Well, it appeared locally—a five-box case of it, mind you—under my Christmas tree this morning. Good gifts (not extravagant, good…there’s a difference) are my husband’s love language. I may just survive January and the seasonal affective mugwumps.


What a lovely gift!


Oooooh, that is a WONDERFUL gift!


ooohh, love this tea.

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There is wet shiny stuff coming out of the sky! (I’m a sunshine person, but how we needed the rain…mulched backyard leaves with the mower last week and came in looking like Bert the chimney sweep.)

Oh, am I supposed to be talking about tea?

Murphy’s has turned out to be a wonderful, solid, no-goof sleepy workday staple. Very Assamy, builders’ tea strength without being too astringent, great with milk if your eyes are already open; effective straight up if they aren’t. And (fingers crossed) still available locally, though it’s a drive across town. Some teas are worth the drive.


Was hoping to see this in my big lots recently, but no such luck. They’ve really cut down on their selection of teas and cookies in my location. I only check now and then in hopes that changes.

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Another occasionally-available-in-our-area brand (Thank you, Big Lots!) that was in my Mother’s Day treat basket. (Who needs flowers? I got tea and a B.B. King DVD to chase the blues away.)

Definitely a work-boots morning tea, heavier on the bass (Assam) than on the treble. Brains not required for steeping or tasting. That’s a plus in my book. Someday…you know, that hypothetical someday when you wake up and nobody needs anything from the get-go…I’d like to do a side-by-side with this one and Barry’s to determine which one kicks harder.

Evol Ving Ness

Hurray for chasing those blues away!

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