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Thanks for this one Stephanie! I sipped this one a couple days ago. I had to do some detective work as to what these actually were. The only English on the package was “Muji”. I could see that the pyramid tea bags were filled with snowflake sprinkles, other sprinkles, cinnamon, black tea… and possibly cacao shells?! So I guessed it was this one. There are so many sprinkles in the teabag that it doesn’t leave many actual tea leaves, so this isn’t the strongest brew. I could hardly taste any cinnamon. The flavor was okay — nothing special. I might double up the last two teabags to see what happens.


Sounds theoretically tasty—thinking that I may have to whip out my supply of cinnamon sticks and cacao nibs this evening for some homebrew!

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A sample from Roswell Strange. I don’t think I’ve tried a tea quite like this one before – it’s a bit of an odd duck. It’s bagged, so it’s hard to see exactly what’s inside, but it looks to be thin, narrorw strands of leaf. Some are red, and evidently Rooibos, but there are also a multitude of other colours; green, yellow, cream, some a pinky-purple. Interesting, to say the least! I gave the bag approximately 3.5 minutes in boiling water, and the resulting liquor is a medium golden-toned yellow-green. This one is truly as unusual as it sounds. The scent is very grapey, so I can see where the muscat in the name comes from. I’m intrigued.

To taste, this one reminds me of nothing more or less than grape flavoured hard candy. It’s pretty sweet on the whole, but with that slightly sour edge grape can give things. It not “muscatel” in the way of Darjeeling – more “muscat” in the way of grape Kool Aid. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but I am pleasantly surprised by this cup. It’s a pleasant, low calorie treat on a summer afternoon!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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Sipdown (129)!

Tried this one cold as per Liquid Proust’s recommendation!

It tasted like grape juice. But, like, really really nice grape juice. Organic, fair trade grape juice squeezed between the thighs of Parisian nuns that costs you $15 an ounce. Really enjoyable; though honestly a little more watery/less concentrated than the hot version which I guess I slightly prefer. But only slightly, ’cause this is some damn good grapey/winey tea.

I’d really like to stock up/buy more but honestly I have no clue how I’d go about doing that…

Liquid Proust

… Well, I do have two other grape teas :) one which is even better! I can send them your way.

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Another from Liquid Proust!

I’m quite happy an entry for this already existed on Steepster; the packaging is almost entirely in Japanese, which I can’t even read in the slightest, except for “Muscat Green Rooibos Aroma Tea” – so I just plugged that in the search engine and low and behold…

My understanding of muscat is that it’s a kind of wine, though I don’t think I’ve ever personally tried it? I’m not entirely sure on that, though. When I opened the ziplocked package I was flooded with the strong aromatic scent of grapes though. Very wine-y, boozey grapes for sure – however, because of an unfamiliarity with Muscat specifically I don’t know how accurate it is. It smells phenomenal though.

These are little sachet bags, so I steeped one up in a mug and the smell was incredible; just this incredibly rich, grape-y drink with such a natural and robust sweetness and juicyness about it. The taste is exactly the same; such a dominant and succinct flavour. Green rooibos is easily the less offensive and more generally liked of the two varietals, and it works really well with this flavour but if you dislike the green stuff too you’re in luck here; it’s very covered by the strong flavour.

One thing about it though; it reminds me heavily of taking communion at church. It’s the same distinct wine/grape flavour as what we dipped our little stale ass pieces of bread in. I hated that flavour as a child, but actually really loving it now. HOWEVER, because of Netflix’s Sense8 whenever anyone says the word “Communion” or I think it I instantly jump to the scene spoilers for those who haven’t watched it where Lito and Nomi are talking, and he says a line which has been permanently burned into my brain.

“… [I] took him into my mouth like I was taking holy Communion”

Thanks for that, Netflix. This unfortunate and automatic association led to me describing this tea to a coworker in the following way: “It’s like sweet grape flavoured holy blowjob tea but, like, good”. She wasn’t really getting it.

Skip to 6:30 for the line…


Hahahaha! This cracked me up!

Liquid Proust

Cold steep this… you’ll thank me later
(I got this in Muji while I was in Tokyo… which is like an upscale Walmart aka Target)

Roswell Strange

So… This definitely happened in a recent Skype convo: “Parched after your sacrilegious sexcapades? Try Holy Blowjob Tea! Quenches your inner sins! Now in grape flavour!” I should take up a career in marketing.


Yes you should be!

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I should not of drank this during the weather I did… this is for sure a tea to drink when you’re cold…

This tea is beautiful, the snowflake ‘thingy’ and silver ball/s don’t disappear after a brewing which was nice. I just didn’t enjoy it because I was already warm- my fault. I will drink it again some other time. I have been rather impressed with the Japnese black tea blends thus far though :)

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Did I really just drink 12 ounces of this?

Well, I’m rather surprised I drank this as fast as I did. This tea has a unique taste (which I’m sure any champagne tea would). I’m not sure what to say about it… it’s a fantastic tea bag that smells too strong but brews a delicious cup- I’m just still not a big fan of black teas :/

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I brewed this weak (lower temperature) and really enjoyed it. Really smooth blood orange taste with a mild/medium taste of earl grey. I like it this way, it blends quite well. I’m not sure what kind of black tea it is that this Japanese company uses, but it brewed nicely with water at 190. I’ll try it with hotter water one morning to see if the earl grey comes out more (I doubt it would, but I also like it on the mild side)

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Spotted this tea today and saw how the steam and leaf was rolled without any breakage in the package and thought to myself: “Wow, 40g of beautiful oolong tea for less than $4?”
I had to buy this tea. I ended up steeping it twice today and find it to be much smoother than a tieguanyin would be. While it is smooth, there is a slight lack of flavor from a brew.
Here’s 15 cents worth of steeping :p

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This is plain rooibos tea in a bag. Yep. That’s it. I don’t think I’d ever buy this one in the U.S., but I find myself craving rooibos while in Japan, as a departure from green tea (which is amazing, but I can’t drink it after 5pm or I don’t sleep). Muji has a 10 tea bag for 294yen pack, which isn’t bad for Japan rooibos pricing.

You know, considering most flavored rooibos just tastes like rooibos to me anyway, this is just fine. Rooibos even tastes healthy to me. I can actually use these tea bags to make an entire cold pitcher too. Numnumnum.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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So I’m living in Japan for a year for research, and this is the first tea I review in a while? Well, truth be told I’ve been awfully stressed, and as my U.S. stockpile of herbal teas is on its way across the ocean to me veryyy slowly, I’ve had to make do with things like chamomile. U.S. Liz is not a big chamomile fan.

However, Japan Liz is a big Muji (Full name = Mujirushi Ryouhin) fan. I love that store, and as I live almost across the street from one, I visit fairly often.

This tea brews into a gorgeous golden cup. No matter how I manipulate the brewing times, I just don’t taste the orange though. It’s much better if I treat this as a straight chamomile. I can see the orange pieces in the tea bags, but they just don’t stand out. At least chamomile actually works to relax me. If I can get myself to a better tea shop soon I probably won’t bother to re-purchase this bad-boy.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Mate and Lemongrass by Muji
10 tasting notes

I don’t know what everyone else does with their tea leaves/bag after they’re done preparing tea, but I generally leave mine in all the way. I can’t be bothered to use a strainer.

Strangely this cup doesn’t taste different no matter how long the bag steeps, which is nice. I wanted to call it “mellow” initially (how ironic, given the lemongrass), but it’s not. It’s…rounded, let’s say, and while the lemongrass is distinct, it’s not sharp at all. Once the temperature’s almost lukewarm, there is an added smell/taste of honey.

This tea is the opposite of those which force your attention upon them with every sip, no matter what you’re doing.

195 °F / 90 °C 8 min or more

You leave loose leafs floating in the cup? I’d think it’d not only get way over steeped, it’d be chunky to drink. How do additional infusions work w/ this method?


Yeah I do. I grew up with two ways of drinking tea, one with company (time to break out the good stuff, earthenware teapot and tiny tiny cups), and one when you’re alone and don’t care. With most teas, the leaves fall to the base once they’re fully steeped, and whatever’s still floating I chew on if I happen to drink them. Additional infusions = adding more hot water to the damp leaves in the porcelain mug.

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drank Apple Rosehip by Muji
29 tasting notes

Very, very awful taste. Let’s just say the aftertaste reminds me of bile acid. These two teas that I bought from Muji is enough for me to stop exploring the rest of their tea products.

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