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Black tea with different types of flowers, the most obvious being lavender. There is also some vanilla flavor added. I don’t know anything other than that because I picked this up at a local tea shop and before I got a chance to talk with the owner, the place got busy. Has a fresh spring scent to the dry leaves with a hint of vanilla fragrance.

The aroma of the steeped tea doesn’t excite me and almost smells musty. But once I started taking sips I noticed it tasted better than it smelled. Has in interesting floral taste that isn’t perfume-like, neither is it floral like an oolong might have, and the vanilla makes a very subtle appearance. Lavender is the flower taste that sticks out the most but it isn’t the only one I taste. It definitely is an interesting taste and sorta reminds me of a ladies garden party. The mix of the different black teas isn’t overpowering and has a recommended steep time of 2 minutes which works well.

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I hope you all can share my excitement when I tell you there is a tea shop RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FROM ME!! Literally in walking distance if I wasn’t so lazy. I have honestly driven down the street it is on my whole life and somehow I missed it.

I guess I never knew this place existed because at 1st glance all one sees in is ‘Moons Coffee’. The ‘and Tea’ got lost to me I guess. However, the place is full of loose tea and tea ware. I nearly fainted.

I picked this up because I have been looking for a nice tea, not herbal or rooibos, to drink in the evenings when I have a tea craving. The owner made a cup of this for me and even though she made it a little weak in my opinion it was still good. So this evening I made it stronger and I think it is pretty darn good. Not as strong as a regular Darjeeling, but I can still tell that it is one. Not extraordinary in quality, but are decaf teas ever just that?

Edited to fix errors. I need to go to bed it seems.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Yay jennlea! Do you know if the tea is made by Moons Coffee or if it is another brand?


That’s WONDERFUL!!!!

I was wishing that our little town would get an organic produce shop in addition to the Farmer’s market – and we just got one! now I need to set my sights on wishing for a good tea shop it seems!


Shanti, I’m going to assume the tea is another brand but I could be totally wrong. Next time I go in I will chat with the owner. When I went yesterday I was all alone in the shop then all of a sudden people kept coming in and the two workers were swamped!

Jacqueline, I will hope for you that a good tea shop comes your way asap!

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