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I was a bit worried that this would be too medicinal or woody tasting and that the cedar notes would just be like a 15/10 in intensity but this was super well balanced and really refreshing. Definitely had those woody and distinct cedar notes with some camphor and cooling finishing elements but also that effervescence and lightness from the kombucha and a very mild level of that vinegar like note that I enjoy so much.

Really unique kind of take on a kombucha, and one I’d definitely order again.

Sierge Krьstъ

Cedar is unique and I would say they took care of synergy aspect, nice to see bold entrepreneurship when it comes to blending.

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Not as good as the other blueberry kombucha I had earlier in the week, but still pretty nice! Very fresh and well balanced, a little acidic but could actually probably be just slightly more. The finish is sticky, lingering sweet and juicy! One of the better berry flavoures from this company that I’ve tried – doesn’t dethrone my favourite though.

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I think I had higher expectations for this kombucha after trying the Strawberry from this company yesterday, and the flavour really didn’t live up to what I wanted. This does taste sweet and like berries – but it’s more of that highly generic berry flavour I was talking about yesterday, and not anything I could ever pinpoint as blackberry without PLENTY of leading/hints. It’s also more acidic and vinegar-y than the strawberry flavour was, though I do enjoy that quality in a kombucha. Overall it’s not bad at all, but it’s not at the same level as other flavours I’ve experienced from this company.

EDIT: I think I need to add that, interestingly, I got “kombucha burps” after drinking this and my burps actually DID taste like blackberries. Maybe that’s TMI, but it’s also the truth.

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While everyone was panic buying food at the grocery store I managed to stock up on some extra pantry supplies, get my normal groceries, and score a pretty impressive kombucha haul as well…

This was one of four different flavours from this company that I picked up; it seemed my grocery store had just brought them into the line up but that the section had been completely neglected in the midst of coronageddon. I liked this one a lot though, and that makes me excited for the others – it’s probably the nicest strawberry kombucha I’ve had actually. Sweet, refreshing and juicy while distinctly tasting like strawberry and not just generic red fruit or berries. I missed a little tartness or vinegar like quality, but overall this was super easy drinking – reminded me of like a sparking strawberry cider vibe, almost?

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Had this one ages ago, when I was trying all the other berry kombucha from this company, but somehow I missed writing the tasting note for this one!? Maybe because it was a little boring – not a bad flavour, but more a generic red fruit and less a distinct “raspberry” note. Which is sad, I’m on a bit of a raspberry kick right now in tea. Perhaps driven by the fact it’s so hard to get really good fresh raspberries right now!?

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Ordered my lunch yesterday from Uber Eats, and I got a Kombucha with my order. I was a little surprised though because this is the kombucha that I received but not the one I had ordered – what I had ordered was a Blueberry Maple flavour from a completely different brand. So, I was a bit miffed about that. It tasted nice enough; more like a carbonated raspberry juice than a kombucha though. I think I’d have liked it if it had been what I ordered, but it wasn’t what I was craving/in the mood for so it just felt less satisfying that it could have been…

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Okay, now this was a really good kombucha!

Great degree of fizz/carbonation; and the choice of seabuckthorn really makes sense with the acidic/vinegar-y nature of kombucha. Simple delivery of flavour; just a very bright, acidic and tangy seabuckthorn and citrus/lemon combo. I hesitate to say it, but the SLIGHTEST touch of ginger might have been nice here as it would have added a touch more body – but even without this was SUPER good. Very crisp and refreshing.

Probably the best kombucha I’ve had in Montreal thus far, honestly.


Indeed, seabuckthorn sounds like a perfect match for a kombucha :)

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