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Montreal Tea Festival – Tea #16

Another RTD that this company was sampling at their booth – it likes like it’s the first flavour apart from their original recipe that they’ve carried and I think we were actually technically getting a sneak peak of it, because on their website it’s listed as “coming soon”.

If I’m being honest with myself, despite the fact this one did not taste as clearly/distinctly of the yerba mate used in it I do actually think I liked it better. It was very fresh/refreshing and the rose was the more prominent note, accented with a hint of tartness that only made it feel even crisper. Perfect amount of sweetness, as well. I like rose a lot, and this fizzy rose drink with hints of hibiscus and mate!? Well it’s right up my alley. I could probably drink litres of this at a time…

I honestly probably would have bought several bottles of this, save for the fact I only had my backpack with me and I didn’t feel comfortable tossing several liquid filled bottles into my backpack along with all my newly purchased tea and teaware.

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Montreal Tea Festival – Tea #15

The other yerba mate booth at the festival – but as an RTD. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but there were actually a lot of RTD booths (mostly kombucha though). I liked this booth; it was very sleek and visually appealing, and the drink itself sounded pretty cool/well executed.

I was actually very impressed – it tasted really good while still also tasting distinctly like yerba mate! Basically just a very crisp, refreshing mate with a burst of sweet citrus. More orange feeling than lemon I suppose, but it’s a generic enough citrus note while still feeling authentically natural. Not too sweet, either. This might be the best RTD mate I’ve had to date that still tasted like mate! Very impressive.

I also swear I’ve seen this company somewhere else other than the festival but I cannot for the life of me place where, and that’s driving me insane…

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