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drank Oolong by Market Village
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So I bought this the other day at a little hole in the wall on the second floor of Market Village in Markham. The woman who served me spoke virtually no English, but she must have seen the spark in my eye because she immediately upsold me to the higher quality leaf- which was $6 for about 50g!! At first I was skeptical, I mean for that price it must be a pretty average tea… but hooooboy, it’s good!!!! I must go back there again soon, because for that price, well I wanna try every single tea they have! :)
It was very smooth and sweet, and super buttery without going to the “milky” place. I made it through three infusions and every single one was great. Well, I added honey to the last one but that’s because I needed the soother.
Ahhhh this is just what I needed after my week of dealing with buffoons. I swear, staffing agencies really get the short end more often than not. It makes me wonder when people misrepresent themselves and twist up truths just to get what they want.
Bah. There are happier things to focus on… I’m going through a spring purge. Out with the riffraff I say! ;)

Rating here is TBD


Balderdash I say what! Out with the riff raff! Off with their heads!


Hear hear Bonnie! into the pile of mediocre bagged teas they go!!


Sorry to hear: “staffing agencies really get the short end more often than not.”

‘Up-selling’ to $6 for 50 grams, how hilarious! So their basic stuff is much less than that? If so, that’s getting pretty close to the cheapest I have ever seen loose leaf go for (at about $1/25grams). Ah, those ubiquitous hole-in-the-wall places. They can be such an enigma, and so wonderful at the same time!


heh. It’s so sad… they get terrible reps because of the bad apple companies so the gov’t cracks down and then the good ones like mine end up suffering for it :(
Oh I so agree, this place was hidden away… I barely recognized it as a tea shop from the first floor it was so tiny! and the lady who served me seemed so… amused that I, a plain “white” girl, was buying tea, loose! Oh the simple things do delight me so… (my friend who is Vietnamese but understands some Chinese, told me that she was expressing awe etc)


Sounds like you found a little gem of a shop! One day I want to wander around someplace like Toronto or Vancouver just looking for random little hole-in-the-wall places like that :D


hehe yes those are the best finds aren’t they? I think maybe I’ll learn some Chinese words to surprise her next time :P

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drank Oolong by Market Village
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Second steep is also lovely … seems to bring out a subtle sweetness which is nice. No Sweetener was added. Also getting a slight floral flavor as well.

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drank Oolong by Market Village
807 tasting notes

Thank you IndigoBloom for this lovely sample!
I have been away on a short trip which seems like a really long one I am so exhausted but we had a great time!
This tea is really nice. I could easily see this as a daily drinking oolong especially at the price! You know the one that is for sure going to please everyone in your company but not TOO special that you feel you need to horde it away lol.
Its pleasing with a very nutty flavor and that all too familiar and wonderful oolong after taste. It has a pretty golden hue to the brewed leaf and a nice aroma.
The after taste is lingering more so than many teas I have tried and I like that a lot.
The more I drink this the more I am liking it! Thank you IndigoBloom!!!


yay!! so glad you like this one! the last time I made a cup it was oddly salty. More like an olive. but still good even tho I dislike olives lol


I LOVE olives! LOL I will have to see if I get that next time! :)

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drank Oolong by Market Village
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Trying to drink some more of my samples – wish me luck. :D

I received this mysterious oolong from Indigobloom – hmm. What kind of an oolong is it and where does it come from? It looks to be a tieguanyin of some sort. I guess we’ll never know…

For an inexpensive price, this is a decent cup of tea. smells fresh and aromatic after steeping. I got a yellowish tea liquor that seems a bit nutty, also with a floral element.

Second steep is similar to the first. I am getting a whiff of an aroma which makes me think this tea is partially roasted. I am picking up a bit of peachy element in here. It’s fairly pleasant overall but seems to be missing that WOW factor that I am always looking for in an oolong.

I think I’ll try cold brewing the rest of it overnight to see what happens. Thanks for the sample, IB! I appreciate you sharing with me.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec

You’re most welcome Amy! sorry it wasn’t your fave :(


no worries, I did enjoy it.

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