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I love going to the Asian supermarket! It is never a quick trip for me. I can easily spend hours in there checking out things I have never seen and trying to find the english on packages to determine what the contents are. I usually pickup a few things to try that are new to me. This trip it was lotus cake which I am a little eh on, a new flavor of rice seasoning which I need to try and a can of Assam Chocolate Milk Tea which caught my eye.
I get a sweetened condensed milk taste in the first part of the sip. There is a little chocolate flavor with a little tea behind it, but then in the aftertaste I get a wave of soapiness similar to other canned drinks I have had with sweetened milk. The first part of the sip is enjoyable and pleasant, but the second part just ruins it. I’m making a mental note to stay away from this in the future.


I’ve had this one! Tasted like Yoohoo! LOL


I saw that! You are the only other reviewer. :) I don’t know that I have ever had Yoohoo, so I’m missing that association.


You’re not missing anything, trust me :P

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I bought this at a huge international market in Ohio. Apparently they are very popular in Guam. Tastes like yoohoo with some tea in it :P


Yoohoo with tea? Sign me up!

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