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Ok So I maybe i’m a bit carried away this morning with the instant powder milk teas but they are yummy to me, except this one.
I know I need to stop but I decided I wanted just ONE more then I’d be happy :)
This one was NOT that one more and did NOT make me happy at all.
It is horrible and bitter and just gross, even extra sugar couldn’t help this one, just nasty :(
Straight Down The Drain with this one!

Now I still want just ONE more lol


Ugh. Now I know what not to buy, though. :)

Public service!


Sorry for such a bad experience, but this review made me giggle… :-)


I got the ginseng oolong from enjoying tea.com for my son, and it tastes okay. Ginseng is a bit bitter, but my father and his brothers were ginseng farmers so I’ve had straight ginseng before, tho my uncles laughed me out of the barn for wanting to drink it since it is for guys.


TTF giggles are super cutes!



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