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My tarot studies this week have brought me into the time and season of XIII, The Nameless Arcanum (that some call “death.”) Which is “returning.” And so, I return to the things of my true soul which call me home, while the rest is left to turn over, let go into the soft earth in my unconscious. Fittingly, I now return to sing tea praises here with my fellow teathren, and fittingly, I have recently let go of a 2 year relationship, which almost exactly accounts for the period of my absence!
What better tea to celebrate this turning cycle than the little red packet of Mystery Qi Hong type brought back from Yunnan by Payton and Ben, of Chaxi collective (http://chaxicollective.tumblr.com/)

So: The tea is nameless. The arcanum is nameless. To imbibe this great mystery is to abide in the perfect rest of not-knowing, or rather, knowing but not saying so. Flavor: vastly dark and rich, yet vivacious, hinting at new growth, a subtle playful budding forth.
Here’s to the depths that bring us back to the comfort of our teacups, those safely shallow (yet potently profound) scrying mirrors of our hearts.

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 30 sec
Ben Youngbaer

The tea is hong cha made from Anji Bai Cha plant

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