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drank Herb, sprice and lemon by Lidl?
104 tasting notes

Nice bright lemon flavor herbs provide background notes.

Flavors: Herbs, Lemon

7 min, 45 sec

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Bought as a holiday sampler at Lidl. Good but licorice is too strong for me. L&S liked it a lot

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drank Cinnamon Apple by Lidl?
104 tasting notes

I bought this as a seasonal item at my local Lidl Market. The cinnamon is very overpowering. Other more subtle flavor help offset the cinnamon a little. The taste is more like a cinnamon candy than anything else. I will drink the rest of the box but not buy it again.

Flavors: Cinnamon

8 min or more

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From Lidl?
This tea apparently doesn’t exist. I’m pretty sure my mom got me this at Lidl. It doesn’t have a brand on it but it says distributed by Lidl on the back.

In addition to the ingredients already listed it has tilia flowers and orange blossoms.

These days my teas can pretty much be divided into two camps : those called “After Dinner” and their close relatives, the “Good Night” teas.

This tea is kind of unusual for a night time tea in that it doesn’t have lavender or tulsi. Chamomile and spearmint are two of my favorites but lemongrass is not at all.

For some reason the combination of flavors makes me think of licorice. The scent is licorice-y but fortunately it lacks the weird throat tingle licorice gives me.

I feel like the formulation of this tea is pretty unique. Chamomile is obviously used for relaxation, spearmint is good for digestion, hawthorn berries and tilia flowers are both supposed to have sedative qualities.

Overall I like it and I’ve been drinking it before bed. I’d describe the flavor as 33% chamomile, 25% spearmint and then the remainder as “lemongrass but maybe a little bit more herbal than that because I don’t know what those other ingredients taste like individually”. It’s less floral and medicinal tasting than some of the other night time teas I have in my arsenal right now


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