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Sounds like this was from MissB – so a hugely belated thank you!

Daycare germs have had me sick for a week now, and this was one of the teas I had while sick. To be honest, it was mostly to try and use it up, and I figured I’d be able to tolerate it with the planned heaping spoon of honey I intended to use in it. Not much to say other than that my plan worked, and I had a decent mug of honey with a bit of tea. I don’t think I’m a big fan of the flavours I could detect, but it wasn’t overly objectionable, either.

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Sipdown (146)!

Oh boy; story time…

First off, let me just thank MissB for the sample.

But man; I had a crazy Wednesday night. And this is probably gonna get kinda graphic here. When I got off work I just had this ridiculous feeling of restlessness. I wanted to leave, but I didn’t want to go home. My friend Billi suggest we have some drinks, and I had promised to do something with her this week and that seemed to fit the mood so I agreed.

We, ‘we’ being Billi, her fiance Dylan, friend Kailey, and I, started drinking at about 8PM and the night started off fine. But it was one of those night that you just don’t expect to get crazy, but then it totally does. Everything just escalated so quickly; and, well, I blacked out. I lose memory somewhere around 10PM right after deciding to “mix a shot of all the alcohol we had brought” (so, Melon Bols, Spiced Rum, Pina Colada Breezers, Gin, Blackberry Brandy, and Beer) up until 4AM when I woke up in my own puke. I haven’t gotten that drunk since…

Well, I think since last summer when I was dating Tyrell?

Things I know about Wednesday night: I ordered pizza for everyone but have NO recollection of ordering, paying, or eating said pizza. I also, apparently cooked everyone spaghetti? Which I don’t remember doing at all either. But, I have no burns or wounds or anything so I guess that went well.

Honestly; I half regret it and am half happy I did it. I woke up feeling terrible, after an AWFUL night’s sleep, just smelling so bad. Vomit in my hair and everything. But it was an experience; and this is the age you’re supposed to do that stuff right? And as long as you’re not making it a regular thing, or harming yourself/others then I think it can be ok.

But man; not gonna lie – I haven’t felt quite right since I woke up on Thursday. I’ve had pretty much non-stop cramps and haven’t been able to eat or drink much of anything. I spent nearly all of Thursday and much of today just drinking water and lying as still in bed/my couch as possible.

One of the first things I did when I got home on Thursday though was to brew up a bunch of this. I certainly didn’t expect that I was gonna be drinking it for practical purposes, but I do think it helped at least a little bit.

I wasn’t paying a whole lot to the taste but I do remember it was a little more savory and herby, with a sweetness from the junipers in the blend. I thought it tasted good up until the last two or three sips and then it tasted like soap to me, made my stomach do somersaults and almost made me throw up. I’m thinking that was probably a lot more from the hangover though, and a lot less from the tea itself (if at all from the tea).

Obviously I wasn’t in the best state when I drank this, so I’m leaving it unrated. It’d be wrong to assign a numerical number to it…

Flavors: Berry, Fruity, Herbaceous

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