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This is the first Pu-erh I ever purchased. It was bought at least 1o years ago at the local Asian market. I had read about the health benefits and I was curious. I knew from my readings that it had an odor and a very strong flavor. The six ounce tin is probably 95% full. At first I thought it smelled like bad body odor. The taste was strong and very fishy. Fast forward to now, the tea has definitely improved nicely. As I am sure it was not a higher quality tea to be begin with it has improved with age considerably. The bad odor is gone and the tea is very drinkable. I will probably nurse it for another 10 years just to see what happens. I brewed this in my Yixing. The first cup was full bodied and smooth. The second cup, as always it seems, is much better. It feels more alive. There is slight numbing sensation. I have literally seen this tea improve over the years. I am getting a slight mustiness where once there was offensive odors. Pu-erhs, you have to love them. This tea is also very invigorating. There is more of this tea if anyone is interested. I visit the Asian market weekly and I am always checking the tea inventory….


any idea if its a sheng or a shou?

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