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drank Artemisia Tea by Jukro
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The steam from this smells like hot honey.

The taste on your tongue isn’t that of honey, but that taste/scent on sipping fills up the top of your mouth and into your nose and holds on as the finish.

It’s a very soft, smooth tisane. I love this and will have to google it’s availability and if it has caffeine. If it doesn’t or it’s very low, I’m ordering a bunch as I have to keep my daily caffeine down.

Edited on further drinking the cup: I have to take back my huge wow on it. It was really tasty for the first few mouthfuls… But as I get about half-way through my cup it’s taking on a cloying edge that is making it hard for me to finish. Not good.

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I don’t like this. It has a cloying aspect to it. The tea is strong and, while not absolutely horrid, is quite unpleasant.

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“Flush Type: Functional Tea” sounds about accurate. Is this from a tea bush or real lotus leaves?

Rumpus Parable

To be honest, I don’t remember anymore. I didn’t like it so I through it out and haven’t thought about it since, sorry!

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