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This is by far the most interesting cold drink I’ve had to date, besides birds swallow nest.

Been eyeing this at Whole Foods for awhile but decided that $10 a bottle was not worth it. Recently saw a 3 for $9 sale and was like ‘dang, 1/3rd… got to try it now!’
Turns out someone put the sale sign in the wrong place, but I still got to only pay $3 for a bottle :)

This is a mixture of green tea and mint tea with ginger, sugar, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. There’s no doubt that this is a high end product as the taste is so wonderful; you can tell that it was crafted well. Now it’s the uniqueness of this that makes it something that convinces me it that it might be worth $10 for the reason to share or use for cooking. Ginger at the bottom is a good 1 inch think as it settles so you have to shake it up. Once you take a sip it’s sweet in your mouth, nice and light with some citrus notes as well as sugar in general. Once the liquid leaves your mouth you get your ass kicked with spicy cayenne pepper; the mint is too background to notice over the spice. Now when I say you get your ass kicked, I mean it. This stuff is intense but because I drink it cold it’s an awesome contract. I figure this would mix in drinks great, cook amazingly, and be a sipper for the adventurous group of people.

I don’t recommend much from Whole Foods that is tea infused, like that weird matcha orange juice that is really dry tasting with a nasty color, but this is really good and if you can find a friend I recommend cooling a bottle off and drinking it; a bottle is 25 ounces / 750ml.

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