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June Wedding! Something old… and this is embarrassingly old. Like, I found this at the back of my cupboards and was like, “What? When did I get this?” And then found it expired in 2012. Six. Years. Ago. So of course I have to try it, right? What is the worst that could happen?

The directions say to dissolve this instant chai powder in hot water, but then, I never make instant cocoa in hot water when the directions always say that, I always use milk, and that’s what I did here, as well. I frothed up some hot vanilla almond milk, then stirred in the suggested two teaspoons, a bit surprised the powder wasn’t a solid rock at this point.

This… honestly wasn’t awful. Not the best instant tea I’ve had (I’d still say that is the DeDe Instant Thai Tea powdered packets, which, while not really tasting all that much like thai tea make me feel like I’m sipping on vanilla hot cocoa), but this was okay. I’m definitely glad I went with milk as the base, since it was quite creamy, and was very sweet, with a very cinnamon and honey heavy flavor. I didn’t really get many other chai spices from it though. Next time I may use chocolate milk instead, just to see if that creates a bit more of an exciting flavor, with the cinnamon layering with chocolate.

If sweet cinnamon honey milk is something you’d be interested in, then you’d probably like this. Otherwise, even among instant chais, there are better ones out there.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Honey, Sugar, Sweet

2 tsp 14 OZ / 414 ML

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Very dark and pretty spicy. I had this last night after work when I didn’t feel like making actual tea. I think next time I’ll add milk, since it wasn’t terribly creamy, but otherwise it was a decent cup (better than what I’ve tried so far).

Not as good as tea leaves and spices, though.


I definitely like it w/ milk better as well. The only other way I like it is in black coffee

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