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drank Rose Black by House Kombucha
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Sorry for all these kombucha notes—I swear I’m not affiliated with this company or anything—I just went on a kombucha buying frenzy the other day and this brand had the cutest bottles (plus they’re local)! :)

House Kombucha really does have good, solid kombucha. I’ve tried three flavors already and they didn’t disappoint. All have been yummy and exhilarating.

This flavor is very rosey. Like essence of deep red roses in lemon seltzer. There is a sangria-like quality as well. Citrusy, sweet red wine.

Yum. :)

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Like summer evening in a bottle! The fresh zing of lemony kombucha grounded by soothing lavender. I can taste the lavender very strongly—it’s not too herbaceous, though—it’s sweet and tastes “candied”. The flavor reminds me of Tea Etc.’s Rosy Earl Grey, in a way. Very “frou-frou” (as Rabs, another Steepsterite, would say).

Another favorite!

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I was browsing the refrigerated aisle at Rainbow Grocery today and spied this. Yummy kombucha! I’m a big fan all things raw and probiotic (yogurt, kephir, raw “live” dairy, etc.) and kombucha is probiotic tea! The only brand I’ve tried so far is the popular GT. That was good, I think this is better. It’s super fresh (their little “factory” is just a few blocks away) and delicious. Not too sour or vinegary at all. The consistency is like tea seltzer—fizzy and bubbly feeling, similar to champagne. I don’t taste much vanilla, chicory or even assam—just a slight sugary, fizzy, crisp sweetness.

It’s super exhilarating and super refreshing. I’m very happy to discover this local source!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I am very intrigued. :-)


Me too, my last experience with kombucha (admittedly the plain kind) tasted like fizzy apple cider vinegar – bleh.

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