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2.5 tsp for 500mL water @82C, steeped three minutes.

I received this as a sample of the Toronto tea Festival 2017 Tea Tasting Box — Oolong Tea.

Dry leaf: mostly black tea leaves with some small pieces of green tea, various bits of bloosing, and tiny pieces of dried peach. Aroma: very fragrant with peach and black tea.

Wet leaf: just a beautiful riot of colour, like a forest floor.

Liquor: light bronze. Peach aroma quite strong. Black tea dominates but is gentle; the cooler water keeps the tea from getting bitter. I can taste the green tea, and the touch of jasmine comes out, too.I cannot detect any oolong in the taste. This is a very tea, lots going on. Some astringence, perhaps from the added flavours. The peach taste is fairly close to the real thing. Not sure if the tea needs the jasmine. Light body. Some bitterness in the finish; a shorter steep time might ease that.

If you like peach-flavoured teas, this one’s worth trying.

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