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drank Casa Milky Flavor Tea by Hokkaidou
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Ooooooh boy. I shouldn’t have had this. First of all, it is a single packet my son found in his apartment. It was left behind by a Chinese roommate who went back to China several years ago, so this is undoubtedly expired. It is instant, and has way too many ingredients.

The surprising thing is that is you like really sweet things, this is quite good. My youngest daughter said it tasted like Land O’ Lakes Warm Oatmeal Cookie mix from the hot chocolate assortment pack. I can see that. It smelled like Red Leaf Matchaccino mix when I opened it.

Something – either the vast amount of sugar or one of the emulsifiers or stabilizers – has given me indigestion and my esophagus is rebelling, even though I only had a few sips before giving it away to the kids, who also didn’t want it. Youngest said too sugary, and middle daughter who is ultra picky said it tastes funny.

The texture is thinner than a matchaccino, but I make those with milk and this probably would have been pretty good made with milk instead of water. When we used to buy hot cocoa mix in pouches we always used milk instead of water and it was infinitely better, though still not as good as homemade.

As a rare dessert treat, this would be nice. If you love sugar, this would be nice. If I could make it fresh and have it all natural instead of full of chemicals this would be nice.

The indigestion isn’t nice. If you want something like this and you can get it, get Red Leaf’s Matchaccino. No indigestion and no mile long list of ingredients.


I’ve seen those in the oriental section of the supermarket. They scream artificial. Glad you survived the tasting! LOL


haha, I’ve tried this but was too lazy to add it to the site (since it wasn’t reaaally tea…)


I’ve seen lots of Asian powdered teas on the shelves at our local hangout, but never been quite brave enough to try.

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