Highwave (from Joseph Wesley Black Tea)

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I love the design of this. The aesthetics really appeal to me. The plunger does indeed stop 95% of steeping. Medium sized and larger leaves don’t skoosh out around the edges, not sure how it would do on something like rooibos.

You can’t toss it in a bag, or even go around curves very fast with it full – liquid will splash out. It’s nice to be able to drink from anywhere around the lid, but not optimal for taking in the car.

Also, it gets really, really uncomfortably hot to hold if you are doing water temps around 200F.

Still searching for a steep and sip travel tea tumbler that isn’t stainless.


totally read that as jellyfish press


On the go jellyfish press. For when you just have to have fresh jelly for that peanut butter sandwich.


Haha weird, I read jellyfish at first too!

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