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Someone kindly gave me this collection of teas for Christmas, and I’m finally getting around to trying them. The almond flavor here is very marzipan-like. I enjoy the almond and vanilla flavors, but I don’t like the black base. It just tastes sort of weird and low quality.

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My friends and family are bugging me about my tea collection.
They all say the same things; I have too much of it, I shouldn’t buy more of it and it’s all over the apartment.

So to ease them a little I have decided not to buy more tea before I: drink, give or throw away ALL my tea. (And of course wrote about all of them in steepster.)

I like this tea. It’s very much my first “love” tea.
There is a little (or none at all) tea in it, but it taste good enough for a beginner.
Liquorice is the main ingredient and I love liqorice. If I could roll in it and bath in it, without getting sick, I would.

…but not in tea.


Throw away tea?! Sad day.


:) Yes, some of my tea is getting too old. How long does it hold? 2-3 years? Can’t remember.


There is SO much conflicting info- I’ve heard 3 months to 3 years. The only way to know is to try it.

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