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This is one wonderful pile of leaf!
I will brew this tea until it provides nothing.
To explain how this taste I will say this: The flavor is 80% silver needle, 15% keemun tea, and 5% sheng.
I drank many ounce of this tea to figure that explanation. I will probably be looking at purchasing a moonlight cake now that I have had such a beautiful experience with this one :)

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Just got this tea in. It’s a white pu’erh. It doesn’t seem much like a pu’erh but it’s very good.

Dry from the bags it has a wonderful aroma. It reminds me of my Chinese black teas (bi luo chun & some others). The leaves are all dark and light. Really pretty.

I brewed at 205F, 150 ml, 3 g. Two quick rinses and then started drinking. This doesn’t have that sheng taste that other raw pu’erh teas have. Right away it taste like a cross between a white and a black. With the first infusion, the tea was a yellow colour. I’m already on the 2nd and it’s gotten darker (they call it red). It’s malty , fruity, with sweet honey notes and some hay notes. This doesn’t have the heavy feeling I get from black teas. It’s very light but still really flavourful. Absolutely no bitterness in this tea. This tea is supposed to be from 2012.

I was picking up some flower teas from GoShopStreet and I put this one in the cart last minute. Glad I did. It’s a winner.

Flavors: Hay, Honey, Malt, Sweet

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 3 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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