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I got some of this from a local tea shop, Traveling Tea. She got it from this source, so I’ll just write my little review about it here. I’m not as big of a fan of Taiwan blacks as I am of Yunnan and Wuyi blacks, but I do prefer Taiwans over most of the black teas from India and other places.

This is a classic #18, tasting of cherries and sarsparilla, kind of a fruity root beer, with a lingering menthol chaser. It’s tasty, but not really my thing. There’s enough for another cup or 2, and that’s going into a box that I’ve started for my tea sister Sil, because I think she’ll love it.


Wow, that’s kind of cool, save for the menthol finish.



Terri HarpLady

I probably should clarify, because there are Some Taiwanese black teas that I really do enjoy, like those yummy fruity sun moon lake ones we bought from Taiwan Tea Crafts. But I’ve never really been a ruby fan. It’s not as much the taste as the way it feels in my tummy, but there also is something about the taste that reminds me of insecticide, and that’s just gross. Hey Sil, remember that aged black tea that tasted like old beets from a root cellar :)


oh god… don’t remind me haha


I thought Sun Moon Lake and Ruby 18 were the same?

Terri HarpLady

Ruby 18 is one varietal that they grow there, but not the only one, or at least that’s my understanding.


Okay! I have had a Ruby 18 or two that I loved. One was just…meh. The other two were spectacular.

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