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I picked this tea up when i was travelling through Japan. This one was brought in Kyoto and also producet in Kyoto. 5200 yen for 100g..quite a good price for high quality Gyokuro.
On the leafs you can see that they put quite some effort into the producing – nice long leafs, pretty dark green color and very fresh smell.
The tea (like all the other gyokuros) loves rather colder water – something about 60-65C. Also the steeping time shouldn’t be more than 40 seconds. Can be steeped like 4 times, the 5th is very faint.
The liquor is creamy, has a very nice bright green color and nice smell. Not only the appearance of this tea was high quality but also the taste. I can’t imagine how those for 30000yen taste. Must be godlike! Unfortunately i don’t travel that much to Japan :<
Anyway..as expected the taste is pure harmony, nothing sticks out too much. Each piece of the puzzle is on the right place. You can feel the love put into this tea. I usually prefer high quality sencha before gyokuro, i think sencha is more fun, but sometime you want something special..something that makes you feel special. Can this be achieved by drinking tea? I think yes. Definitely pick this up if you see it somewhere.

160 °F / 71 °C 0 min, 45 sec

Wow, sounds like quite the experience. There’s something to be said for getting tea at its source.

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