Fujian Anxi Guanggu Packaging

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This is a nice, smooth Oolong from someplace. A friend at work brought this back from his visit home to Taiwan. Its all in Chinese, except for a single reference to www.gfbz.com, so thats how I filed it. That may just be the company that did the packaging…but the packaging actually merits comment. There are a dozen or so individual servings in the metal can, which is a “pop top/pull ring” sealed can. Each serving is vacumn packed in a pasticized paper bag. It seems to work well, the leaves smelled very fresh and vegetable when the serving package was opened
The leaves are compactly rolled, but unfurl to full sized leaves (torn edges) and soft stems and leaf buds when steeped. The brew is a pale yellow with a hint of rust when brewed in a clear glass carafe.
Taste is smooth, no bitterness. Not to much green leafy vegetable

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I felt like finishing a lot of samples that I have in my banana leaf box. I pulled this on out. First, I loved the packaging. I could feel the rough, pebble like leaves in there – that is how vacuum sealed the sample packet was. It was also a beautiful orange/red package. Second, I am really surprised I found this tea on steepster because it has such a LONG name.

I believe Tie Guan Yin was the first oolong tea that I purchased a very long time ago. I remember steeping it so long that it was so strong in taste, but I loved it anyway.

When I opened the package and poured it into my little gaiwan, I saw the beautiful bright to dark green curled up leaves. They are tightly curled up. It smelled mildly of florals and greens.

Upon steeping the tea, the scent became similar to Andrew & Dunham’s Damn Fine Tea – Mermaid Kiss. There was a hint of milkiness to it and florals for sure. The leaves smelled like broccoli and florals. Delicious!! The liquor was a medium yellow color. It tasted very good! Again, the slight milky flavor mixed with sweet florals and light greens. It was not bitter at all and went down smoothly. It felt so smooth in my mouth.

This withstood several steeps. The leaves unfurled into huge leaves. Great tea overall!

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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