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Finishing off a Western steeped mug of this that I have unfortunately let grow cold. I’m having a wicked time focusing on, well, much of anything this week – tea included. I definitely know that this tea would have been much better hot, but it’s honestly still pretty nice! There’s a smoky sweetness to the top of the sip that slips into more mineral but clean and round notes that remind me of rain water tinged with something a bit fruitier, like prunes or plums. It’s alright for the morning!

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Gong Fu from last weekend.

I always do this thing where I put off writing the tasting notes for Gong Fu sessions and then by the time I get around to writing them I don’t really remember the details of the Gong Fu session anymore. It’s an issue; and I know this but then I keep doing it all over again…

So with that in mind: I actually got this tea from Veck in a Secret Santa type exchange but because I am a completely awful hoarder I haven’t tried it yet and that was at least two years ago, maybe three. I think I steeped this roughly ten times; though I stacked the steeps in a larger pitcher two at a time. So ten infusions, but only five cups of tea. That seems to be my preferred steeping method for Gong Fu as of late.

Here’s the blurb I wrote the day I drank it, over on instagram:

“I don’t know A LOT about it, but am enjoying the light bitterness and green bell pepper notes contrasted against sweeter, fruitier notes like plum/concord grape. First steeps had sweet smoke notes too!? Sort of like a jammier tasting greener sheng type thing… "

It was also just a gorgeous looking tea; the leaf was this beautiful colour! Sort of a green & purple-y looking thing. Really lovely.


Song Pairing:

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Thank you very much for the sample Veck!

I’m saving the bulk of the sample you provided to Gong Fu, but I brought enough with me to work today for a Western mug as well because I really just wanted to try one of the things you sent me in the Slack Secret Santa exchange, and this one fit my oolong themed weekend.

My coworkers got a good laugh over the name of this one; I had to give them a short run down and explain the name’s origin/that it’s based off an actual place and not just a silly sounding pairing of words…

Tasting notes I scribbled on my cup today:

- Smooth. Really smooth.
- Light to medium bodied
- Delicate floral flavour that reminds me a bit of lilies?
- Soft grassy undertones
- Stronger/more prominent honey notes

This was just delectable overall, and a real treat! Thank you Veck!

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