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Montreal Tea Festival – Tea #19

Another kombucha company from the festival. We actually carry Fixi Kombucha in our lunch room vending machine, so I’m pretty familiar with them – but they were sampling a brand new flavour at the festival that we don’t have in the machine/isn’t on their site yet so it was cool getting to try it in advance.

I think this is the name of it!? I had to try and find a picture of their booth on instagram to remember the name, and it looks like this is what’s on the can so I’m assuming it’ll be the name. Basically it’s a spiced mint green tea kombucha, which sounds kind of interesting in concept. In practice I found it quite weird – though not necessarily bad. I didn’t actually get any spices from the taste, but that might be because I was so fixated on the fact this tasted like very fizzy spearmint/peppermint. Kind of like if you took those spearmint gummy candies and liquified and carbonated them, but tone down the level of sweetness a bit. It wasn’t bad, but it was so strange that I wasn’t totally sure it worked as a kombucha…

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This is sold in the vending machine in the cafeteria at work, and I finally decided to try it. It’s not really the best kombucha in the world; definitely had that tangy vinegar/acidic element but it was almost too strong and intense because it was accented with this equally sharp and tart very sour green apple/Granny Smith apple type note. Not a bunch of ginger, but a little bit. I just didn’t enjoy it, though…

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