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A very nice tea overall, with subtler fruit flavors than most, but it’s particularly bitter—I wonder if it’s the cranberries. It was too much for me without milk, but with milk I enjoyed it a lot.

Flavors: Bitter, Fruity

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This is more fruit/flowers than mate but alas the fruit/flowers is hibiscus and orange. It was better than expected but still not my favorite. Check out my full review here:

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Roswell Strange, I know it is one of your favorites but the Great Gatsby is just not a book for me. After reading it I don’t even know how many times, I think it is fair to say I gave it a try but I am not a fan. This tea, however, this I like. I was surprised but this is one tasty tea. Clean, fresh, lovely. Check out my full review here:

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Sherlock Holmes embodied in a tea. Smokey and just a little bit sweet. Check out the full review here:

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drank Jane Eyre by First Edition Tea Co.
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A surprisingly nice tea though one I personally don’t need to try again. I wonder if I would have the same thoughts about the novel that inspired this? Check out my full review here:

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So last Thursday I was at the one of a kind show in Toronto when I came across the First Edition Tea Co booth. It looked so familiar and I didn’t know why since I never had their tea before but then I remembered I was sent a link to their site for Sororitea Sisters as Nichole/CuppaGeek intended to have them send me some tea. When I mentioned the blog to the owner she perked up and told me how she meant to send us something but since I was there I could just take their sampler pack. My sister was amazed that they handed me $20 worth of product without even asking for ID. I laughed and told her “thats tea people for you!”

This weekend I worked my way through the five teas in the literary collection. This was one of the ones I didn’t love which is heartbreaking because Alice in Wonderland is my favorite book out of the five. Given it was a rose and marzipan tea, I just don’t think I was their audience since those aren’t flavors I usually enjoy. However, I did enjoy this more than expected so it might be worth a try for those who like these flavors. Anyways, check out my full review here:

Evol Ving Ness

Rose and marzipan sounds like a winner to me. Depending on how it is done, of course.

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I’m a sucker for anything Sherlock Holmes, so when I saw this tea I had to have it! I bought 100g without thinking (I have A LOT of tea to get through right now), but fortunately it is wonderful! It’s deep and smoky and bold. I oversteeped because I got distracted, so it’s a touch on the bitter/strong side, but that actually works nicely with the flavours. I’m just adoring the smokiness of it! It reminds me of dusty books and pipe tobacco and vintage coats. Kind of what Holmes would smell like, I presume!

Flavors: Honey, Moss, Oak, Smoke

Boiling 6 min, 30 sec 5 g 16 OZ / 473 ML

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