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Yes, it’s only Thursday.
No, I don’t care!



This totally makes me want it, if only for the name and company

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having a shot on the rocks with a squeeze of lemon.

this is def too intense for me without the melting ice to cut it. Actually I should have just mixed it 1:1 with water probably… but I’m going to nurse it anyway, so this way it will stay cold as it dilutes.


I think I got some of this on a recent trip to the liquor store, I found cute little sampler bottles of some of the tea flavored vodkas and I think that this is one of them… nope… correction: I got the peach tea flavored vodka and the raspberry tea flavored vodka (same brand though).


I’ve had the Jeremiah Weed’s Sweet Tea Vodka and it was very good!


peach would be good! I’m thinking of getting some peach schnapps to mix with mine.

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drank last week – 2 oz Firefly mixed with equal parts Reed’s Ginger Ale (which has much more bite and complexity than the oversweetened name brand stuff). Added a couple ice cubes, and once they melted everything mellowed out into a very drinkable cocktail.

original recipe here, as seen on Tastespotting:

Iced 0 min, 15 sec

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I’ll admit right now I have a weakness for this stuff. Where I work, we make a drink called a Lightning Bug that is based on this tea vodka, and it’s amazing. Anyway, I haven’t tried any of the other flavors, but I aim to soon. The raspberry and peach intrigue me the most.

This tastes just like sweet tea with lemon, but with the burn of vodka. I did a shot and I think it’s too sweet for that. Right now I have it in a lowball glass, mixed with Minute Maid Citrus Punch. It’s delicious. <3


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Had some of this last night. Feels a bit weird adding this to my cupboard, but it is tea related and it is in my house…We added some lemonade to it—which is probably the first thing people trying mixing. Nice. Lemonade tea and vodka go nicely together. I wonder other cocktails could be made?


I had no idea this was considered “tea”. FYI not good straight at all. Like drinking alchoholic syrup.

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