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After one cup, I thought ‘’Not a bad replica of the chinese one I bought at a chinese market.’’ It holds a good wulong imitation but somewhat tastes more like green tea.. Does’nt have the authentic rich aroma and taste of wulong.. If you’re interested in trying out ‘oolong’ I recommend not buying this brand, infact, refuse to buy the tea-bagged tea.. Find a chinese shop and get the leaves… Only then will you enjoy this tea… If not, guess you enjoy having 2Dimensional boring tea..


Loose leaf tea is best! I love roasty oolongs which age well in the dry climate of the Rocky Mountains where I live at 5000ft. Glad to see you here!


It sure is! Wow… Sounds divine! Wish I could drink all the tea’s the earth has to offer… I’ll start off by hiking to your nest in the mountains:) Thanks, ecstatic to be here!

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