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Thanks so much for this one Dexter3657! I always love a nice smoky tea and this one happened to be nice! I actually waited around ten minutes for the first steep, since I was deciding what I wanted this morning. It worked anyway, since I ended up using closer to two teaspoons because I didn’t want an opened sample of a smoky tea around my other teas. Steeped for three minutes: Yes, this is certainly smoky! The black tea at first tastes like dried grass which seems like an unusual pairing with a smoky tea, but it’s good. After a while the flavor of the tea itself kind of hides behind the smoke, especially with the second steep (just boiled, 3-4 min steep). The dry leaves are twisty & longer. No regrets on using two teaspoons, it actually works really well that way. This could be a “smoky tea” cupboard staple… there is one that I like more though because it has a natural toasty marshmallow flavor, but that one is impossible to find now.

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drank Lapsang Souchong by Empereur Tea Co.
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I was drinking this all day at work today. One of our cook’s girlfriends brought it back from China. The tin said Lapsang Souchong and Empereur Tea Co. and a bunch of stuff in Chinese. I know nothing about this tea other than that.
I quite liked it HOT, as it cooled it got REALLY smokey and bitter. Hard to drink teas like that at work, they tend to cool on your desk as you get distracted from them. This will stay at home from now on and be enjoyed when I have time to devote to it.


Traditional Lapsang is dried over pine fires. This is where the “smokiness” comes from.

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