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Recent Tasting Notes

I have recently discovered I love teas that have rose petals in it. I never really looked twice at them but after having this blend I am. This was a pretty solid herbal. Rose petals, lemon verbena and balm, cinnamon, and cloves. So the herbal was a sweet mix with a subtle cinnamon clove finish. Pretty unique. I was happy with it.

Happy Sunday Sipping all!


Also, discovered a Green Tea Skin Tonic, a pretty unique mix of Epsom Salts and Green Tea Leaves



It’s funny, trying all these different teas has made me like florals much more too.

Tea Leaf Co

I think it falls into the category of “acquired taste” since florals isn’t for all – it could very well be a love and hate relationship. Those who love LOVE and those who don’t like well …. hate it. I’ve actually gotten into this practice of flagging our customers anytime I see a tea with rose petals in their order.


Rose Scented by Harney and Sons is one of my favorite teas, and I love blending it with other teas, especially things like Queen Catherine or keemuns. I never would have believed just a few years ago that I would love a tea as strongly floral as that one!

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