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drank Masala Chai by Dineen
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Well today is a momentous one for me.
I went to see a doctor about my ADD. And I’m finally getting somewhere. What a relief.
Previously, tests were “inconclusive” or too general for reliability in forming a treatment plan. I guess times have changed. Research has been done. I’m in much better hands now. Not to mention that I’m paying a fraction of what I dished out last time.
Next week, I start medication. Probably. I’m kinda nervous. I hate taking meds. Generally, I try to find natural alternatives for pretty much everything. But for this, there aren’t any and apparently itsis a life long thing. So if it has any sort of side effects I can’t deal with, well then I’m stuck. What if it changes my personality? What if it cuts me off from feeling things, emotional things? Or… well I’ll spare you the inner dialogue, nobody wants to see that…
Of course, I’m excited too. After 30+ years of self doubt and making stupid mistakes due to lack of concentration, among other symptoms, perhaps things will start to finally come together for me.
Anyhow, my appointment ended hours ago so I’ve been in a coffee shop taking care of some bid’ness via my tablet. Emails, research etc.
Sometimes I like just going to a café and soaking up the ambience. Sounds hipster, but I can’t help it, I find it inspiring! The energy here is infectious.
Not to mention that its directly across the street from my gym where they host my current favourite yoga class on Thursday afternoon/evenings.

Bah. Ok ramble bramble done.
The TEA!!
I was debating between this one and the genmaicha. But I have gen at home and ran out of chai awhile back so figured I’d better get my fix in while I can. If there was more time, I’d have done both (went with a vanilla latte earlier. It was tasty!).
Soooo… This isn’t my fave chai by any means, but its pretty decent. Adding a bit of honey goes a long way. Helps cover what I presume to be fennel. Not enough ginger or whatever else one puts into a chai blend. That said, no one spice in there is overwhelming or offputting at the moment (well like I said, maybe the fennel but I dealt with it!).
Oh, also… the last time I was here, English Breakfast was had. Like most EB’s, it bored me, but did its job and I’d have it again in a pinch.

Damn, I’m in a good mood today. Despite being laid off from my job on Monday. Yesterday I was in tears, positive that if I’d done better, if I didn’t make the occasional mistake (ADHD, remember. Ok more than just occasional, but still) they’d have found a way to keep me.
Doc says that 90% of people who go on undiagnosed end up dropping out from school, and somehow I made it through, Definitely an ego boost. Perhaps I’ll make it out alive after all :)


I seriously hope everything will go alright with the meds! I would be terrified of starting something like that too, hence why I haven’t even bothered going to the doctor to address my insomnia (and maaaaybe even anxiety too?) since they’ll just throw pills at me.


I’m glad progress is happening! Good luck with your new meds.


Fjellrev, thanks! I’m so nervous. And now a friend I just spoke with is all uppity because I went to see a “psychologist” who plans to work with my family doc, and not a psychiatrist. Because one is a legit doctor and the other one just has fancy degrees. Gah! Maybe he’s right…?

Rosehips, Thanks!! I really could use luck about now :D

Christina / BooksandTea

I’m so sorry to hear about you being laid off! I hope that this new development leads to good things for you.


My partner has both a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Most her sessions are with the clinical psychologist. Maybe 3 times a year she checks in with shrink for meds adjustment and what not. So don’t worry too much about what others say. Find what works for you.


Christina, thanks! It really sucks but this whole progress on my ADD thing is super encouraging. I’m really hoping this is the thing that changes everything!!


Nxtdoor, that’s comforting to hear! thanks for the advice. I mean, I was planning to go ahead with my idea anyhow, but its so nice to hear that from someone with a bit of experience themselves.

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