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What a day, I am pooped!!
Bachelorette party yesterday, bridal shower today. Whew. I need to a nap.
Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the theme for the shower was… TEA PARTY!!! woot :)
The selection was pretty good. Three types of black, three greens, and two herbals. Plus red rose OP.
I enjoyed this cuppa. a solid black, with some nice malt and a hint of briskness. I let the sachet sit in the cup because there was no garbage and it did get a little bitter, no surprise there!
Bonus: thunderstorm time. I need a cuppa tea to enjoy this…


i like that someone has edited this tea to say that the company name is “delete”


What? You don’t have the bridal shower the day after the bachelorette party! Everyone is nursing hangovers! LOL

That does sound like the best shower ever though :)


Sil, I noticed that!! I wonder if there was a double entry and they got rid of the wrong one


Stephanie, RIGHT?! I’m not close enough to the girls that I could bring that up, but seriously… I found it a bit odd. That said, that group of friends have never been big drinkers or partiers so I doubt there were a ton of bad hangovers, maybe mild ones


(also the bride has a paper due for her masters program on Monday so she was up early, I doubt she drank much)

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