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Tea infused popsicles!

The store bought kind, this time, and not ones that I’ve made at home.

I know I tried a few of these a couple years back during the summer, and as far as I call I didn’t mind them but I didn’t find them wildly amazing either. Just an average taste, but with the high price part one that’s hard to justify. I’m giving them another swing though, this time with the mango and rooibos blend. It doesn’t taste bad; in fact I appreciate how natural the mango flavour is and the fact that the popsicle appears to rely more on the natural sweetness of the mango rather than added sweeteners. I also just completely CANNOT taste the added in tea, which is a thing that I had a problem with last time too – and if I’m going to shell out so much money for a tea flavoured popsicle then I want to be able to taste the tea!! Texture wise, this also just a little slimy when it start to melt – and I mean slimy in a way that is not typical of a popsicle.

I did buy another flavour, so maybe I’ll have more luck with that one.

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Another “Tea Popsicle” that I picked up from the grocery store…

I’ve actually tried this flavour before, a few years ago. I couldn’t really remember exactly what they tasted like but I had a vague recollection that of the different flavours I tried years ago this was the one I enjoyed the most so I figured why not treat myself and pick up a box.

They actually are really good, though don’t taste particularly of the elderflower tea that they’re made with. It’s a very sweet, juicy and ripe strawberry taste though – just like a solid strawberry puree sort of profile. Quire rich and sweet! Now, are they really worth the sharp price tag associated? No – but as a very occasional treat I can kind of get behind it…

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So, I saw these TeaPops at the grocery store yesterday, and because I’m basically a slut for anything tea infused I had to pick up a box to try out. $6 for four Popsicles? Ugh; that’s kind of pricey, but damn gotta try ’em…

Honestly; this is a damn good Strawberry Popsicle. It’s super refreshing, and tastes like perfectly ripe, fresh and natural strawberries with the perfect balance of realistic sweetness. I’m really, really enjoying it. But that said, I don’t taste the tea at all. So, for that reason alone, I’m not gonna buy these again. At least, not this flavour. My grocery store carries two other varieties; this one uses Elderflower tea but the others use Green Tea and Rooibos, so who know’s maybe they’d be different…

Look at all those flavours, though! I swear, the best sounding ones are the ones that my grocery store doesn’t even carry. Pink Lemonade, Toasted Coconut, and Southern Iced Tea…


The Safeway flyer here is advertising these on sale this week yet the store near me doesn’t have them. Glad to hear I’m not really missing out.

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