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So, first thing, credit where due: I posted two images taken from Yunnan Sourcing’s website since that’s where I bought this CNNP-brand of tea, and the vendor description posted by Hukman exactly matches (perhaps coincidentally) what YS wrote (I don’t know where Hukman bought his when he created the listing).

I really enjoy drinking this tea! Lots of character, spiciness, and aroma across the first eight gongfu steepings (cheated by using a stainless steel infusion strainer). The kick was gone and flavors diminished in the 9th – 12th steeps, but still quaffable. The last infusion went for around 10 min. but still produced a coppery-colored liquor. I’d buy more of this if my cupboards weren’t already packed with tea!

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec 4 g 4 OZ / 118 ML

A year later and sipping this one again. Sensing a mild bitterness on the roof of my mouth in steeps #1 & #2, smoothing out in #3. I’ve posted a photo of the first 6 steepings (from top-left to bottom- right) which brewed using 5g in 4 oz spring water. Not much change in the tea— still nice.

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5g 100ml 210f flash steeping at first then lengthening slowly. (going by feel. i never time sheng)
color of liquor is golden brown

wet leaves are barbeque along with something like brown sugar maybe
tea liquor aroma is slightly smokey and inscensy with caramelized sugar or maybe honey
lid is minty smokey and slightly caramelized sugar
epty gaiwan is caramelized sugar
(drank the first steep before writing this)

2nd: very slight bitterness and astringency smokey and i guess what you could call metallic notes cooling and thick
maybe some fruitiness (new to raw so im not quite sure what im tasting yet)

4th: still a little bitter and drying but im detecting earthiness and minerality at the back of the throat and maybe some
fruitiness at the back of the tongue quite puckering

6th: cut the steeping time a bit on this one. the bitterness is gone but there is still a little bit of astringency
the minerality is feels like a honey sweetness. note i didnt say taste but feels that way. very light huigan t this stage

8th: metal edge and astringency is still there seems rather dead flavor wise at this point

wet leaves were still pretty green
im new to this kind of tea so i cant say whether bad or good

Flavors: Fruity, Honey, Metallic, Mineral, Smoke

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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(Checking in on how my collection is developing)

Wet Leaves: Oddly muted. Dried fruit, maybe prunes or raisins? And maybe some old books? Sourness in the aroma.

Early Steeps: Surprisingly dark since last time. Thin. Already astringent. Sweet and bitter decently balanced.

Middle Steeps: Even darker. Moderate fruit now, with some medicinal notes creeping in. Again, Astringent. Starting to feel woozy, moderate body effect.

Tail End: Color faded into straw yellow. Fruit notes disappeared, just lots of bitterness and astringency. Stomach starting to feel raw. Not worth sessioning for too long.

Verdict: Much more drinkable than a couple of years ago, but not by too much. Still, promising development. Going to have to store this for while, maybe hit it with some serious humidity, might bring out those medicinal notes.

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Aromatic fruitiness that is similar to CNNP’s ‘07 HK Returns 10th-year commemorative brick and tuo, though not packed as tightly. There’s a bit of mint at the front end. Goes down smoothly, though a little bitterness comes through as the session progresses. Good for drinking now and a thorough delight in warm weather, though I’m sneaking a drink now here in the dead of winter.

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 8 tsp 5 OZ / 150 ML

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2012 “Fu” as in some kinda fragrance not “lucky,” CNNP Kunming Tea Factory. It’s been a rough week fellow Steepstarians, been battling one helluvan organic illness, from which I slowly started to climb on Thurs. Still this lingering headache. I was well enough to host the Mid-Autumn party of about nine on Sat. It was a good time of conversation, Xi-gui sampling, and… mooncakes.

I’ll admit, I’m writing this a bit buzzed from the “Fu,” the fragrant type. I think I wrote a note on this when I first tried it, when it was just brash. A few mths of about 75% humidity and 25 temp, and it has mellowed a bit. It has that classic build in the mouth and heat mid chest to let you know it’s good stuff.
This time, I’m noticing much more smoke in the aroma of the leaves. It settles nicely in the broth, which got v. quick infusions. A light liquor in terms of color and viscosity. I’m still not thinking straight, my tongue still feels strange. No mediciney notes to this. Lots of cane juice or rock sugar to it. If you over steep, you’ll get the bitter and a brassier brew. It’s beyond the “ba-qi” stage now. It’s very good to drink. Everything seems just right. The headiness from the early two infusions trails off quickly. Over all, good for at least 12 infusions. That’s Fu, as in the fragrance not lucky. Be emphatic about it. You’ll have at least one Steeptarian who understands.

Flavors: Floral, Smoke, Sugarcane

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 150 OZ / 4436 ML

Hope you feel better soon.


I’m 98% back in the saddle. tx.

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