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drank Grapefruit by Club Kombucha
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So I bought this at the same time that I got the Raspberry kombucha flavour from this same company, and the raspberry was bad so I’ve been putting off trying this one out of concern it would share the same qualities…

However, it’s actually really nice! There’s a vinegar like tang and acidity, but it’s both milder than the raspberry and actually complimentary to the citrus notes. For a grapefruit flavour, it’s pretty orange-y tasting to me but the grapefruit comes through too. Very “Fresca style” grapefruit, but not really that sweet.


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drank Raspberry by Club Kombucha
11399 tasting notes

Y’know, I like a kombucha with a nice vinegar-y tang to it…

But this one literally tasted like drinking straight vinegar with a squeeze of raspberry juice in it. It was so sharp and acidic, and it actually burned a bit after more than a few sips. I just couldn’t finish the can – and that’s something that very rarely happens with me. It was just so, so rough…

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