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drank Oat Straw by Clef des Champs
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I’ve been seeing this brand all over grocery stores/natural food stores in Montreal but haven’t really been sure of the quality or been curious about any of the herbs enough to actually buy it. Thankfully someone at work bit that bullet for me, and brought in a bag of the oat straw she had purchased.

I think Oat Straw is supposed to be good for stress, but I’m more interested in just seeing what the straight herb tastes like as I’ve had it in a handful of blends but never on its own. I liked it a lot actually; much more than I thought I would. I found the flavour pretty naturally sweet, and quite creamy both in flavour and mouthfeel. I’d actually drink it again; for a straight herb it was very enjoyable!

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drank Goddess Tea by Clef des Champs
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I could not find this tea anywhere online-not on the Clef Des Champs website, not on Google- no where.

My best friend bought this for me for Christmas. It’s from some store in Quebec and this is supposed to be a recipe from a master herbalist or something. Either way I like this tea. It tastes a bit medicinal (but in a good way) and the longer you steep it the better it tastes. I think I taste the nettle leaf more than anything and I quite like it. Unfortunately once this is done I will not be able to restock because like I said, I cannot find it anywhere online! :(

Flavors: Medicinal

Boiling 8 min or more

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