China Tuhsu Guangdong Tea

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I still struggle with pu-erh’s. I found this one in a vietnamese store near where I live and just decided to get it on a whim. It’s not as bad as the other pu-erh I had and I watched a video describing how to brew pu-erh from a cake. Break off a chunk, wash twice, brew for short periods.

It had a mildy woody taste, maybe even a little bit of a smoky flavor, not sure. It wasn’t as bad as previous attempts at brewing a pu-erh tea, and the 2nd (4th?) steeping was actually pretty decent. I still feel like I’m missing something in regards to pu-erh teas though.

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This is another tea that a co-worker brought back from China. (I had no idea you could get bagged pu-ehr.) This is also my first experience with pu-ehr. The bagged tea smells a bit smoky, and it brews to a very dark liquor. I don’t like it at all, but the tea probably isn’t the best quality. Also, I hear pu-ehr can be an acquired taste. I won’t be having this one again, but I’ll definitely give pu-ehr another shot sometime.

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