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This is a good everyday pu er option, affordable and delicious. I have a brick that I am almost through and need to purchase a new one.

It is light and easy, smooth and warm. Perfect when you “don’t know what to drink”!

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tunes&tea I like to see the description as an"everyday pu’er option".Most posts I see say very little of pu’er at all.I have 30 pu’erh samples en route.I’m really new so if you happen to see any of my tasting notes please list any suggestions you may have.I’ld greatly appreciate it.

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I have a sample of this tea which was a free gift for my order of another pu erh tea.

Smell is light and slightly aromatic.

Colour is medium red (like the reddy brown leaves at the end of Autumn)

Taste is light, warm, refreshing. You can certainly taste that the tea is ripe.

I would say it’s a good every day pu erh tea as it is so light and refreshing. With little to no real age it’s by no means extra special but it is very pleasing all the same.

My preparation details are from the manufacturer. They also say that you can also use the same tea for more than use but you must double up the steeping time for each additional use. (So cup one is 1 minute, cup two is 2 minutes etc). I imagine that 3 cups of tea would be the limit before you use all of the taste.

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