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Sipdown (209)!

Well, it only took me just over a month but I finally finished off the case of this that I purchased in January. Still definitely not my favourite ginger ale ‘flavour’ but by the end of the case I was enjoying them a fair bit. I’d call this one an acquired taste overall.

Also, it helps if you haven’t had straight ginger ale in a while because then you can sort of mentally ‘blur’ the taste of the green tea and ginger ale so it’s much less distinct and unpleasant…

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Saw cases of this on sale last time I went grocery shopping, and I got really excited because I actually really like Ginger Ale plus I’ve yet to find a Canada Dry ginger ale flavour that I don’t like…

I will admit, I was a bit skeptical about just how clear the green tea flavour would be. Turns out, my skepticism was unwarranted because it’s actually REALLY strong/apparent. The downside to this, though, is that it really, really strongly reminds me of Sencha which is just gross. Well fuck.

Oh well, only like 11 cans left to go? So that’s something.



I’ve always wondered what this might taste like (but have never been bold enough to try it for myself). Sorry it wasn’t a hit, but you’ve at least satisfied my curiosity!


I wonder how it’d mix with beer. Shandy is my fave :P


I had no idea Canada Dry was a brand!! If someone orders a drink ‘Canada dry’ (i.e. ‘whisky canada dry’) it means they want it with ginger ale, and I always wondered why! Lol I guess the explanation is simple.

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drank Green Tea Ginger Ale by Canada Dry
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When I first saw this bottle in the store I thought it was just a bottled green tea produced by Canada Dry, and I wasn’t very interested. But then I looked closer today at the airport and saw that it was actually green tea ginger ale. Well, that changes everything! I like ginger ale, and I like green tea, and I’ve never heard of them together before. Plus, this would be like a tea soda, which was also intriguing.

I continued to be pleasantly surprised, as this is actually a very tasty bottle of soda. The green tea and ginger notes are well balanced, nice and light, neither is overpowering or artificial tasting. It’s also not super super sweet, which is suprising for a soda. I mean, it’s sweet, definitely, but not cloyingly so. I’m really enjoying this and wish I could find it in the states, where it almost certainly not available.


Where did you find this? In Canada? It sounds good!


Not exactly the same, but Harney & Sons carries a jasmine green tea ginger ale. A restaurant near my school has the bottles, so I tried it there and it was pretty amazing:


I’ve found this in the grocery store in the US.

Dylan Oxford

I actually had that jasmine green tea ginger ale at a local food truck not too long ago. It was… decent, but disturbing? There was like an inch thick layer of sediment on the bottom. Presumably the one I got wasn’t so fresh.


Well I’ll have to keep my eye out for both this and the Harney version, though I’ve never seen Harney bottled teas anywhere around me (besides if I make a trip to the Harney Soho store). I’m also wondering if the version of the Canada Dry in the states is a US version (ie, with HFCS), or if it’s sugar sweetened like the Canadian one.


This is available seasonally (Christmastime) in the US, I get about 10 bottles every year and drink them way too fast. It is so refreshing!

Daisy Chubb

Looove this one when I’m sick! And when I’m not! Good find :)

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