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Honestly, I’d totally forgotten I’d tried this before – so I guess that goes to show just how memorable it was. It’s apparently blackberry and blueberry, but to be honest I mostly just tasted the blueberry when I had this recently. Kind of gave me blueberry gingerale vibes, which isn’t really a “thing” but it was the best comparison my brain could make. I thought it was fine; very whelming. Not over not under.

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From last week!

I think I wrote a better tasting note for this one the first time that I tried it, but just wanted to get a second one up to make a note that of the three Brew Dr kombucha flavours this one was easily my favourite and the only one that I would repurchase.

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From the Great Steepster Freeze of 2020 (I’m nearly caught up on notes now…)

- This tastes very familiar to me; like another tea I’ve had recently that wasn’t a kombucha…
- The taste is sweet/juicy mixed berry first
- Followed by a wave and a tickle of warming ginger, akin to a ginger beer
- It’s actually very well balanced and really interesting/flavourful
- Personally would like a hint more “kombucha vinegar” taste
- But of the three “Brew Dr” Kombucha flavours I bought this was my favourite

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Quick test tasting note to see if Steepster is still completely borked/gobbling up notes…

Had this yesterday evening and it was nice – more tart than I remember it tasting the first time around but a lovely mixed berry flavour overall. Not sure the point of calling out the oolong used in this though; you can’t taste it at all.

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This was good!

I had it several weeks back and it’s been sitting in my queue for ages because I’ve been prioritizing TTB notes – but I wanted to clear a few kombucha notes tonight…

I don’t remember the finer details, which is fine because I have two other bottles in the fridge. I just remember it being more of a “mixed berry” type of flavour over something distinct, and that it was also pretty tart. Refreshing, though!

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On to my second tea of the day, which is sad…

This is the last kombucha in my fridge – a good grocery store trip is definitely going to be happening once I feel a bit more grounded. I thought that some gut ickyness would be an appropriate time to finish off the last one, though. Is it helping? Well, that’s to be seen.

At least it’s more satisfying than this morning’s cold brew was, and the cold liquor is really refreshing – I feel like I’ve been too warm all day.


Awww, hope you feel more like yourself soon!

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Went to Costco w/ my roommate this past weekend, and ended up being a box of mixed kombucha flavours from Brew Dr…

I’ve never tried any of their kombucha before so this seemed like a win-win because I got to sample new to me tea as well as stock the fridge with cold beverages on this hot, humid summer. This is the first of the three flavours I’ve tried and, uh, it’s probably the least good kombucha I’ve had in a long while? Not bad but also sorta bad. If that makes ANY sense at all.

It tastes sour – but not kombucha vinegar sour, more the kind of sour that off tasting green tea tastes like. I want to enjoy it for the mint and the soft herbaceous elements but I’m struggling a lot to get past that flavour. Seriously hoping that the other two flavours are a step up from this one!

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