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When I make a new order, I usually ask Husband about any wishes he might have. We always have some breakfast tea which we buy a large amount of, and then a handful of others, be they flavoured things or other unflavoured ones or a mixture. This time Husband asked for ‘some sort of berries’. He has previously been known to be partial to berry flavours.

I chose this one because of the red currants. It’s kind of a Four Red Fruits kind of deal, except this one is only three. We have raspberry, strawberry and red currants. The info given by the shop calls it ‘juicy’ and I’m very inclined to agree. Like with the caramel one I wrote about the other day, this is pretty heavily flavoured. It’s very sweet and fruity and I feel like I’m getting primarily the red currant. Good luck trying to find a base tea in there.

It’s funny, a few years ago, this would have been a big mark against it for me. A few years ago I wanted the flavour to be there, but I wanted it to be subtle enough that I could still tell I was drinking tea. These days I tend to want more flavouring. I imagine it’s to do with my own changed attitude towards it in general. Back then was when I had shelves and shelves of different teas and a whole box of samples and swaps, and most of all this I never to rarely actually felt like drinking. These days we have a handful to choose from, and they’re all FAR more likely to be actually enjoyable. And if they aren’t, it’s still possible to maintain the drink it up rule before opening a new one.

…I lost my thread now. Oh well, it probably wasn’t important. This is a nice blend. I like it. It’s fruity. The end.

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I’ve discovered a new-to-me shop! This brought on by not shopping at the one I wanted to because they only have one delivery option and this is a company that we’ve got some bad experiences with around here. I never choose them if there are other options, even if it costs more. Basically you ask for stuff delivered to your door (paying extra for the privilege) and it gets delivered to the shop anyway with the claim that ‘we didn’t find anybody home’, a delivery person having never even been here in the first place. It happens maybe two out of three times. There’s a reason I choose delivery to my address, the alternative is inconvenient to me and I basically just don’t appreciate being actually lied to. I just didn’t have the energy to let that irritate me yet again, so I decided to branch out.

And I found this shop! What luck too, because they offer some interesting flavours. Like this one. I mentioned before I’m very attracted to caramel flavoured things. I’m also quite keen on almond. In recent years you can get me to jump through a large number of hoops if you say ‘salt caramel’.

Here we have salt caramel and almond. I mean come on! It’s a no-brainer!

It smells very caramel-y and I feel like I can even smell that it’s slightly salted. Which… salt doesn’t usually have a smell, at least not to me. There’s lots of almond bits in the tin, but I don’t feel like I can smell that too much. Then again, it’s important to remember that it’s not the actual bits of anything that imparts the flavouring. It’s the flavouring that makes it flavoured.
After brewing it smells like any caramel flavoured tea I’ve had, possibly on the more creamy sweet side. At this point I feel like there are some marcipan-y hints of almonds in there, which may well be what makes it seem so sweet. It smells wonderful.

Okay, the flavour is very interesting! At first I’m getting almond, and a split second later a pinch of salt and then a deep smooth caramel at the end. I can’t decide if I feel like it’s a caramel tea with almond or if it’s more of an almond tea with caramel. The salt is in there if you pay attention but it’s not making much of itself. I wouldn’t have minded just a wee bit more salt.

It’s very pleasant. Probably the most caramel-y caramel tea I’ve met. I would happily buy this again.

Martin Bednář

Bornholm… is it that isle with great ice cream?
And now I want that tea!


It’s the sort of lopsided diamond shaped island South of Sweden. Wether their ice cream is more spectacular than elsewhere I couldn’t tell you. I have been there once, but I don’t think we had local ice cream. :) I’m willing to believe it though. :)

Cameron B.

Sounds luscious! ❤

Martin Bednář

Ah, I was right apparently :)
— as I have searched “Bornholm ice cream”

Anyway… everything Danish is too pricy though :)

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