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More lemon than ginseng which is GREAT!!! But the Lemon was VERY puckery!!! VERY – like – puckery – I even made a fish face it was so puckery!

Oddly enough…the more I sipped and thought it was strange and puckery – the more I liked that it was puckery and I seemed to crave more! It was like pure lemon juice with a little ginseng in it.

Pucker Up Baby!


Forgot to add that I over-did it with the word LIKE because of this…



Whatever! Haha that’s the no. 1 annoying word except in the demographics I’m not in anymore, actually! To tell you the truth… Oh no! I am going to use all these annoying words all evening when I don’t mean to after reading article on link!


Puckery!!! Nom!!



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This smells MUCH different than I thought it would! It’s somewhat creamiscle-esque but it sorts of smells like sugar or like semi-sweet chocolate even tho it doesn’t have chocolate or anything like chocolate in it! It’s very appealing aroma-wise!

Post infusion it smells slightly herbal but nothing too extreme.

Now…taste-wise…it’s totally different than it smells!

I can totally taste the aloe! It’s reminiscent of lemon balm without the lemon, I suppose…then I can taste the orange slightly.

For a bagged herbal – this isn’t bad. It’s not overly herbally and the aroma is what interests me more than anything. I probably wouldn’t buy it but I’m glad I got to try it!


Aloe vera?! That’s one I don’t think I’ve seen in tea.

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Malomorgen sent this to me! Thanks!!!

I must say I was VERY AFRAID to try this one. Mostly because of the Echinacea. I’ve had some strange experiences with it before. BUT…I am very surprised and happy with this!

After looking at the rest of the ingredients I was very intrigued by this one! Carrots? Beets? Interesting…

This is a lovely orange with yellow and pinkish highlights in the post-steeped bagged tea. Nice color! It smells of Raspberry and Chamomile. The taste is very gentle and mostly raspberry with little hints of licorice, chamomile, and rooibos.

This was VERY different and a nice surprise.


yup thats quite yummy for a industrial teabag one. just tastes bit too artificial to me…


I was just pleased it didn’t taste like a medicinal tea! LOL

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Smells very nice again. Dry teabag mostly of raspberry, tea itself mostly of chamomile-rooibos.

Color is very nice orange.

Hope it tastes little less artificial than the last Aloe one.
Oh yea quite a yummy fruity/herbal blend. I like this one. Bit of sugar will make it even better. I can taste something bit accidy – guess that would be raspberry or those leaves. After that i get a hint of chamomile. All the time rooibos is slightly present. Not sure how honeybush and echinacea are supposed to taste so cant tell. Liquorice isnt strong as in Yogi teas – thats another plus. Acually cant taste it at all.

All together the mix is rather well harmonised. And it’s tasty. Thats all that matters in the end…

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That sounds like quite an unusual blend, I don’t think I’ve come across one like it.


They obviously tend to make weird blends ;)

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Just returned from a shop with 2 new Croatian teabag boxes. Even tho they are bit artificial I kinda like them because they taste exotic and refreshing. Good to drink at work instead of water…

The teabag smells very yummy. Tea almost as good.

Color is very yellow and clear.

Taste pretty artificial tho. Its weird drinking aloe. It reminds of some candy taste – Just cant remember which. That taste is quite strong. Almost slightly bitter.
It’s better with sugar but still not very good. Yet very much drinkable – just not tea-ish. Idk where that 89.5% of green tea hid in this combo ;)

Edit – It’s not bad cold…

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I LOVE Mighty Leaf’s Aloe Serenity so now I’m on the hunt for every aloe tea I can find (which believe me is not many. Must try! Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.


i could send you some samplers of the croatian teabags. i’m waiting for the ziploc bags too from ebay so i can send people loose leaf too (sadly couldnt find any small sized ones in Croatia). feel free to remind me, i tend to forget stuff ;)


I would think drinking aloe would be weird as I’ve only experienced it in lotions and skin healing gels for use after sunburn.


yep it is kinda weird but i’ve tried it in several bottled drinks (love the yogurts with aloe – and ya thats probably what it reminded me of). its soothing, sweetish and different… probably one of those “like it or hate it” things…


and goes really well mixed in fruity blends (speaking of drinks in general, this tea could have been better)

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Its the first unordinary tea I ever bought out of curiosity. Ginseng sounded quite exotic.
I love to drink it in the evening. Its fruity taste takes care of my thirst very fast and keeps it that way for a longer time. I like it even cold. Just a little bit of sugar or homemade honey makes it better than most juices.
The taste of ginseng and the aroma and feeling that sticks in my mouth was very strange to me at first (never bad). After like 10 teabags I’m starting to love it. Smells nice too.
Its getting a good score from me (a bigtime tea amateur).
Btw love the package and the fact that each teabag is sealed so it doesn’t wind out.

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