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drank Chai by Big Heart Tea Co.
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My boss brought me back this tea from a work trip, which was really sweet of her. The main flavor here is black pepper. It’s a pretty standard chai with balanced spices and a nice kick of heat. It doesn’t need much sugar since it’s already a little bit sweet. I’m enjoying it with milk, and the rooibos is a hearty enough base that I don’t mind there not being any real tea here. The resteep was basically as strong as the first. I think I would order this for myself.

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drank Fake Coffee by Big Heart Tea Co.
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Uhh, hmm.

Interesting, but not at all reminiscent of the barley based coffee substitutes I can’t have anymore (because gluten).

This is heavy on the cinnamon. And really needed sugar. And also I added milk.

Also chicory and dandelion are both triggers for IBS so we’ll see how I feel tomorrow I guess? The steep was really short so I saved the bag and will try tomorrow too. There’s also a recipe for cold brew on the box that I’ll try if the tea agrees with me…

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