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This is a strange tea…it comes in candy looking bright red granules that dissolve in hot water. From what I understand drinks like this are common place in Turkey but I don’t think it really qualifies as tea when really it contains just sugar, vitamins an colouring. More hot drink granules than tea at all, or at least for this brand.

The granules had a faint strawberry smell but artificial and sweet.

The tea once brewed is red/pink in colour with a sweet indeterminable scent.

Jumping Jeepers this is sweet! It’s like I just warmed a bottle of pop up and chose to drink that instead of actual tea. I had some Chinese ready made teas taste similar to this, it’s just sugar with a hint of a flavour but not enough to taste like anything else other than sugar. I’m not getting any strawberry or fruit at all just sugar.

It’s not bad tasting it just doesn’t taste of anything other than sugar. I think someone that likes sweet things would love this as a different kind of hot drink but it’s too much for me.

Ok imagine dissolving some nerds into hot water and you have this ‘tea’. Not worth rating and may have to throw the other flavours away.

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drank Turkish Apple Tea by Bekirağa
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My parents went on a trip through Europe where they got sick and drank cups and cups of this. They brought back a box for me and my mom raved about it. It’s less artificial/candy tasting than some apple teas I’ve had, but also a bit weak. I’m going to try brewing it with a third spoonful of tea next time.


Oh no! I hope it was nothing serious.


Nah, I think they just had colds or something along those lines. Plus the tea apparently helped immensely.

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