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This was my “back up” bubble tea order today, because the tomato was so out there.

Basically, this was steeped shou pu’erh with a cheese tea/milk foam cap and adding yogurt popping boba. It was actually really delicious and this is one that I would TOTALLY order again! Cheese tea, if you’ve not experienced it, is this creamy and fluffy topping that tastes a lot like a really fluffly/whipped cheesecake so combined with this very smooth, earthy and sweet shou that even had a borderline pastry crust type of note to it, and the overall flavour was a lot like drinking what I imagine a very well done pu’erh cheesecake would taste like. The little yogurt popping boba only added to the rich, indulgent sweetness and creamy profile as well.

Loved this one!


Good job you had a backup!

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Tomato Bubble Tea!?

Yeah, you read that correctly! This weirdly sweet and savory bubbletea with cherry tomato, sea salt, and tropical mango popping boba piqued my interest this afternoon. Maybe someday I’ll learn to stop ordering things that clearly sound bad just because they’re unique/different, but my success rate has been pretty solid so far so I don’t think that’s a lesson that will be sticking any time soon.

It’s a good thing I got a back up bubble tea though, because to be honest I wasn’t a big fan of the this tomato flavour as all & I couldn’t finish the whole thing. I think I could have handled the blast of umami if that was the only factor, especially coupled with some sweetness from the mango boba. It would have maybe reminded me a little bit of the Market Fresh herbal tea I love so much that has tomato, cucumber, and citrus. However this was VERY salty and the mixed in tomato pulp was a real struggle texturally because it just made everything so slimy.

I drank about a fifth of it before I simply couldn’t any more – and I felt proud of myself for even getting that far. This, keep in mind, coming from the person who bought and loved ketchup flavoured ice cream last year. Who is the customer for this!?

Martin Bednář

I don’t mind tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes, but tea with that flavour + salt… well, I don’t think I would enjoy that?! If it was with basil, maybe mozzarela or other cheese (how to make tea with that flavour though?). No, tomato tea. I would pass even I am same as you with “ordering things that clerly sound bad”


oh no no nnooo.

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