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Recent Tasting Notes

This was a challenging ‘tea’ to find any information about online – I can’t tell if “Baobah” is the name of the tea or the tea company, but regardless Google seems to think I MUST mean Baobab when I look it up. It was only after plugging in the tea flavour that I was able to pull up an image of the beverage I’d actually purchased (from a local deli right next door to the comic book store I shop at) and even then I don’t get a ton of information on it…

Regardless; it’s pretty nice tasting – though at the same time it really just tastes like very, very good apple juice. Sweet, crisp and tart – all the things you’d want from a nice apple juice. Still, apple juice is not exactly tea. It does make sense though, green apple juice is the first thing on the ingredients list. I guess I’m a little glad it doesn’t taste like chamomile!? There’s not even baobab in this drink though – and that seems weird given how much the name seems to imply it. I’ve been seeing baobab RTDs pop up all over the city in the last few months so I was excited for a tea version of that.

Definitely just a miss across the board though, isn’t it? Doesn’t taste like tea/tastes too much like apple juice and no baobab to be seen in the ingredients list.

But it’s damn good apple juice, so… shrug

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